Born to Indian Parents in central, Kolkata in 1986, Rimi spent his younger years soaking up the musical influences that were in his blood all time flowing. It was the diversity of these influences, from salsa, blues and soul to disco, rock and hip-hop, that solidified Rimi’s dedication to representing this spectrum of musical styles. Thus, Rimi’s sound is impossible to pigeon hole, refusing to fit the template of any one genre: “I have always listened to Club and House music, taking different influences from hundreds of styles. The diversity of the sounds I hear influence different lines of thought when I’m at my place creating something new.”

Dj Rimi is unquestionably one of the pioneers of excellent music and entertainment today. Dj Rimi versatility in various music genres has always created an ambience of taste, talent and celebration for all music lovers. It is DJ Rimi passion, originality & individuality that sets him apart from the world(rest). It is not only his music that stands in the foreground, but also the integration of strong words and images – always different and mystical, against the current and diverse.. “Style"

Music has always been the biggest passion of his life and he loves to share and spread his passion with all the music lovers out there.

Spinned wid the most well-known DJ's of India.

Rimi likes to make NOISE and make ppl brains wobble with low pass filth.

Prashant Gupta AKA Dj Rimi is one of the hottest EDM Artists to have come out of the Asian zone in recent times. where he handled Production / Live Set / Tech-Support - the duo that had ripped the underground music scene apart.

His sound is, both, influenced and supported by bigwigs such,Wolfgang Gartner, Deadmau5, Roger Senchez, Jerome Isma Ae, Avicii, Creating a sound that is deeply rooted in Indian zests to contemporary EDM.

He wants to bring the music close to the audience’s soul, throughout harmonies and sounds that touch the people’s hearts, but also keeping the grooves that define his music.

This is only one of his many special things that make Dj Rimi who he is today.